Solar Energy Experts

Dochenaran Off-grid

Location : Tehran
Date : March 2014

This project is located in Tehran. SheedSun Rad carried out the design, installation and implementation of the project which commenced at the beginning of 2013. With an annual production of 45/35 MWh, this power plant generates enough energy to meet the electricity demands of 2 villas throughout the year. With this amount of production of clean energy, this power plant has prevented the emission of 27/21 tones of CO2, which is equivalent to the amount of CO2 emitted by a vehicle travelling a distance of 181,400 kilometers. The generated electricity is used to supply all of the energy requirements of the two villas throughout the year. By completing this project Sheedsun has succeeded in creating the first net-zero energy building in Iran, which acquires all of its energy needs from the sun. 
This solar system is comprised of 90 solar panels each with a capacity of 240 watts; the panels are made by the REC Company in Norway. The plant is also equipped with 96 Hoppeck gel cell batteries designed for solar systems, 3 inventor chargers and 1 inverter, all manufactured in Germany. The panels are installed on adjustable supports that enable the changing of their angles relative to the different seasons. REC and SMA are both among the top brands in sales and reputation in the field of solar energy and photovoltaic systems worldwide. 


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